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Why Radiant?

Our Equipment

We provide our customers with top of the line, German engineered tanning units by Ergoline and one of the most powerful and spacious stand-up units by Suncapsule. Our units are also equipped with Cosmedico’s Comulux VHR/9K90, the industry’s top rated tanning lamps.

  • Ergoline
  • Cosmedico
  • Sun Capsule

Our Maintenance

Having some of the best equipment available is one thing, regular maintenance is another. Our regular scheduled maintenance of our tanning units will ensure maximum results from each tanning session.  Our preventative maintenance schedule will ensure we discover any problems before they become an issue.  We want to assure you that our units will be available at any given time.

Our Lamp Replacement

Ever been in a tanning unit where the lamps are burnt out?  At Radiant Tanning Salon, lamp replacements will occur at 80% of the suggested expiration time to ensure maximum tanning efficiency and to avoid lamp burnouts during your tanning session.

Our Staff

Our goal is to ensure we deliver exceptional customer service to anyone who walks through our doors. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional Tanning Consultants are here to educate you about the tanning process, skin care and protection.  In addition, our Tanning Consultants are trained and certified through the International Smart Tan Network.  Let one of us design the tanning program that will best achieve your goal.

Our Salon

We strongly feel that the mood of the salon is another important key to a good tanning experience.  At Radiant Tanning Salon, you can expect a lounge-like and professional atmosphere with tasteful music that will meet most peoples’ liking.  We want to ensure that our salon will have an inviting, clean and relaxing environment for every one of your visits.