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Spray Tans

Get a radiant, healthy looking tan without sitting in the sun for hours.

Don’t have time to sit in the sun or lie in a tanning bed to get your golden look?  Then a spray tan is the perfect solution.  Using California Tan’s Mobile Bronzer, a special solution mix and experienced Spray Tan Technicians, you will achieve the golden tan you want in minutes!

What your session includes:

  • Application of spray tan solution by one of our experienced spray tan technicians
  • Two minutes in our Stand-up Tanning unit to ensure solution is dry prior to departing salon
  • .75 oz of pH-Neutral moisture wash
  • .75 oz of tan extending moisturizer

Preparing your skin

Our spray tans usually lasts from 7 to 10 days.  To achieve maximum results, it is important to prepare your skin prior to receiving your spray tan. Please click HERE for very important instructions on preparing your skin, what to expect during your session and how to take care of your skin afterwards.


Wedding parties, makeover parties, graduation and any other special events? Call us for special rates for groups of 4 or more people.


Important: Please remember that though you will have a nice golden color after receiving a spray tan, but it does NOT protect you from the sun.